but we are not men

whether it’s the days you burn
more brilliant than the sun
or the nights you collapse into my lap
your body broken in a thousand questions,
you are still the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. 


I’m not going to do that again. I want something real, Danny.

This is real.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived all alone in a horrible cave, so far from home that it made her chest hurt. And every day in that horrible cave, the girl tried to figure out a way to escape. None of her plans ever succeeded, of course, and she’d almost given up hoping… when one day, just like in a fairy tale, a handsome man rode up on a horse and saved her, and took her back to his castle. Now, you’d think that was the end, wouldn’t you? Dumb old fairy tales and their happily every afters. But see, the minute they got back to the castle, the handsome man went away again. And even though she didn’t mean to… didn’t want to… high up in that castle, the girl just built herself another cave, hoping that he would save her again. But you can’t save me this time, can you?