but we are not men

(Dawn AU: “I mean, no offence, but you’re like the worst vampire ever.”)

Dawn AU: “You know, Dawnie, you really shouldn’t go walking around all by your lonesome at night. I bet there are lots of big bads just itching to get their fangs into you. Good thing we beat them to the punch, hmm?”

Dawn AU: “Buffy’s flunking history. And Mom’s always yelling at her to clean her room. And… and maybe she’s not even a very good Slayer anyhow, if the Master beat her. I just think she should stop.”

Dawn AU: “Hey, Buffy’s a superhero. And superheroes never die in the middle of the story. She’s gonna be fine.”

(requested by byebyewiththebathwater)

"Do you have a secret boyfriend? What was wrong with his face? I’m calling Mom. I knew she shouldn’t have left you in charge!”

No. Dawn, I swear I’ll tell you everything, but you have to promise that you won’t tell Mom. Or anyone.”

Dawn AUAngel edition

Dawn AU: “I didn’t realize that after Dad… I mean, you probably thought I was gone forever. But I’m always going to come back for you, okay?”

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Dawn AU: “You know, I figured you were too cool to be friends with my lame-o sister anyway.” (requested by mockingcody)